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We provide people with custom-tailored language instruction so that they can start using their new language functionally as quickly as possible.
Learning a second language is more than memorizing words and learning grammar, it’s learning about culture, having fun and using the language in real life situations.

AnneMarie O’Neill MA has been teaching languages for over five years at universities and private schools in Europe, Canada, Bolivia and Australia.

Our students come from companies both large and small including independent photography professionals, restaurants and large banks and accounting firms.

Marathon Sprachen’s Mission & Philosophy

Marathon Sprachen's Mission
Marathon Sprachen's Teaching Philosophy
Marathon Sprachen's Business Philosophy
Small means that you know who’s in charge and you’re more than a number.
Our ten plus years of experience in language teaching, means you’re getting the best. We’re passionate about this, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it. 
Independent allows us to customize your learning plan, so your needs and wishes are best met.

*Pictures from 20 Minuten article, 13 August 2013

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