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  • Nadine Marathon Gespräche

    Our video series on Newly Swissed

    Marathon Gespräche: Episode 1 Our video series Marathon Gespräche is featured on the online expat and design portal Newly Swissed. Read about the motivation behind the series and why we’re doing it. Thank you Newly Swissed for all your support.

  • Korner Gourmetburger Zurich Wiine Me1 780x518

    Einführung in die Welt der Weine

    Learn About Wine in German Together with we’re hosting an introduction to wine in German. The German will be tailored for learners and this is a great way to put your classroom knowledge to work. The cost of the

  • Zfv Mm Public Viewing 140429 3d Animation Orion Image

    WM – Viertelfinale Public Viewing

    World Cup Quarter Final: Netherlands vs. Costa Rica Thanks to we have 7 free tickets for the public viewing of the World Cup Quarter Final on Saturday evening at the Europaallee. The Match will see the Netherlands and Costa Rica.

  • MASP5839 Edit 1

    German Crash Course for Beginners

    Learn German with us today and we’ll get you going in just one week. You’ll learn the following: Introducing yourself Saying where you’re from Ordering food and drink when you’re out Asking for directions Talking about yourself and your family

  • JeffAlphorn

    Active for Charitable Causes

    We support Room to Read and Hillseeker Fitness’s 24 in 24 Charity Two great causes to support this week that help make communities in developing nations more sustainable and provide education. Tuesday evening there is a concert for Room to

  • Marathon Gespräche E1400335764763

    We’re Lanuching Marathon Gespräche

    Over the past month we’ve been very busy working on our latest project, Marathon Gespräche, with Jochen Gsell. This will be an interview series about integration in Switzerland. Our guests will all be people who have moved to and or

  • FRD14

    Food Revolution Day 2014 — Zürich

    Anyone who know’s the once naked chef, will be familiar with Jamie Oliver’s quest to increase food awareness. While the food scene is particularly in need of help in North America and Great Britain, Switzerland has not been unscathed. Food

  • Running Lunch Big

    German or English with a Lunch Run

    Get smart and fit at lunch Improve your language skills and do something good for your health over lunch. Sign up for lunchtime running language courses with 2-5 participants. Get all the info here. Read about our special course offering

  • Filmreel Edit

    Learn German with Videos

    Improve your German comprehension now! For a while now, we’ve been featuring YouTube videos into our Blog posts to help increase your German comprehension. Now we’ve created a special video page where we’ll curate the best German videos and audio

  • Appsundmoritz

    Hilfe für Mütter, Väter und Co.

    Eltern aufgepasst!   Kinder heutzutage lieben elektronische Spielgeräte darunter sind natürlich auch Tablets und Handys mit all ihren Apps. Mit Hunderttausenden Apps ist es oft schwierig zu wissen, welche für unsere Kinder, Nichten und Neffen, und Patenkinder am besten sind.

  • MASP5839 Edit 1

    Intensive Courses for Groups

    German Intensive Lessons Start in April Looking to quickly improve your German language skills? Starting this April we’re offering intensive German courses. Get 26 hours of German instruction in just 4 weeks and see how your speaking skills and linsten

  • Press Release

    Press Release Zurich, 18 November 2013 Sporty language learners profit twice in Zurich Today’s society lives networked and is constantly on the go. This continuing trend is crying out for innovative products and services that allow us to optimize our

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