Food Revolution Day 2014 — Zürich


Anyone who know’s the once naked chef, will be familiar with Jamie Oliver’s quest to increase food awareness. While the food scene is particularly in need of help in North America and Great Britain, Switzerland has not been unscathed. Food Revolution Day is an event that is meant to bring parents and children, friends and family together again in the kitchen to cook local, healthy, sustainable meals.

In Zurich, Christian Franck from Food Freaks has taken up the cause and is organizing a Food Revolution Day event this Friday at the Schindlergut in Zurich. A potluck event that we’re happy to be supporting. Bring a meal, something warm, the kids and enjoy a gathering of like minded people and practise some German… or English. Food is an International language.

Important Information:

  • Bring a meal for up to 4 people (Homemade, a favourite recipe, local, with a story. The choice is yours)
  • Bring something to drink  (Water, Juice, Wine, Beer – with a story)
  • Children count as people too and need a ticket
  • Bring something warm or a blanket (We’re in a barn and it can get cool in the evening)

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