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Nadine Marathon Gespräche

Marathon Gespräche

Why Marathon Gespräche? On this page we’ll be posting all of our episodes of Marathon Gespräche. The series aims to pick apart the term “Ausländer” and tell the individual stories behind some of the almost 2 million non-Swiss nationals living in

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TED Ed Language talks

As soon as you start to learn a language, linguistics becomes interesting. You start to wonder about the origins of your mother tongue and of course for similiarities between the language you’re learning and the one(s) you already know and


Die Schweizermacher – The Swiss Makers

Recently there has been a lot of talk about immigration in Switzerland – quotas, permits etc. and the word Ausländer seem to make headlines on a daily basis. What we as a language school have noticed is more long-term foreign

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Fluchen auf Deutsch — Swearing in German

Swearing is something that belongs to language learning, but is rarely if ever taught. That said, it remains one of the things that people seem to learn the fastest when they visit any country with a different language. In German

Life In Austria

Life in Austria

Austria is a special country. It was once the largest empire in the world spanning from Hungry to Mexico. It’s a country that gave us great musicians like Mozart, philosophers like Wittgenstein, writers like Stefan Zweig and of course the

Life In Switzerland

Life in Switzerland

Explore Switzerland, why it’s economically strong, its culture and some of its major cities like Zurich, Basel and Bern. Videos in German and English.

German Life

Life in Germany

Germany is a wonderful country with a hugely successful economy and liberal social policies. Currently many countries are looking to the German model to revitalize their economies. Education in Germany is also very good with top universities at very low

Speak Deutsch

Be cool speak Deutsch

The song “Be cool speak Deutsch” by Die Prinzen with lyrics and link to iTunes.


Prüfungen – Tests

If you’re studying for any of the German Exams from A1-C2, you’ll love what we’ve put together for you. See what the oral part of the exam is like in the videos below. Still need that extra intensive push? Book


Integration in Germany and Switzerland

The two videos below are from comedy shows in Germany and Switzerland addressing the issue of integration, specifically learning German. It’s interesting to note that in both of the videos that the teachers actually teach a pigeon-German. In Germany, Turkish-German

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30 German Dialects

German in a language with many dialects. This makes learning German sometimes difficult is you never really get a hang of one dialect along with the standard High German (Hochdeutsch). Below are nine videos featuring 30 different German dialects. It’s

Lernen To Talk

Learning German in 1 year

See what it’s like to learn German from nothing in one year. Mickey Mangan is an inspiration for anyone setting forth to learn a new language. As you’ll see in his video, the most important thing you can do is

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