Die Schweizermacher – The Swiss Makers

  • Die Schweizermacher – The Swiss Makers

Recently there has been a lot of talk about immigration in Switzerland – quotas, permits etc. and the word Ausländer seem to make headlines on a daily basis. What we as a language school have noticed is more long-term foreign residents receiving invitations to get get their C permits (5 year) and being asked to supply a number of documents. These include, but may not be limited to:

Letter from the Immigration Department Zurich

Letter from the Immigration Department Zurich

  1. Document showing that you don’t have anyone after you for money (Auszug aus dem Betreibungsregister)
  2. Dokument from the Gemeinde showing what social assistance you’ve received/not received
  3. Work contract and current payment slip
  4. Certificate of German knowledge at the level A2 or higher

If you still need to take the German A2 test in the city of Zurich on short notice, you can register to do so here. For those of you going to write the test and wanting to find out more about it, see what the oral part looks like and link to the written parts by checking out our page on German Tests here.

With all of this talk of immigration though, it reminds me of the 1979 Swiss classic Die Schweizermacher. I recently found the entire film on YouTube in German, French, Italian, and with English subtitles. Watch them below and enjoy. I hope that they do not remind you too much of your experience.

Those needing any assistance with permits and bureaucratic administration, can contact us for help at any time.

We’re also launching a video series on this topic, but from a totally new perspective. Find out more on this project and how you can get involved by clicking here.

Trailer – Die Schweizermacher

Die Schweizermacher – English Subtitles

Die Schweizermacher – High-German

Die Schweizermacher – French

Die Schweizermacher – Italian


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