Life in Austria

  • Life in Austria

Austria is a special country. It was once the largest empire in the world spanning from Hungry to Mexico. It’s a country that gave us great musicians like Mozart, philosophers like Wittgenstein, writers like Stefan Zweig and of course the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud. There’s no better Aprés Ski than in Austria, their beer is pretty good, and the wines from the Wachau and Burgenland can compete with the best from France and Italy.

From their “There are no Kangaroos in Austria” souvenir t-shirts and bags, to Mozartkugel, and Red Bull, Austria proves that it has a sense of humor, a sweet tooth, and a keen business sense.

Below we’ve selected some great videos to learn more about Austria. Can you guess what the most common last name in Austria is? A hint – it’s not Müller.

Was Sie schon immer über Österreich wissen wollten (DE)

Deutsche und Östterreicher – Früher und Heute (DE)

Jokes about the differences between Germany and Austria.

Vienna – City of Dreams (EN)

A wonderful BBC documentary about one of Europes most beautiful and fascinating cities.

Modernes Penthouse in Salzburg (DE)

See Austrian design today.

Scene from Dumb and Dumber (EN)

Please don’t make this mistake.



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