Life in Switzerland

  • Life in Switzerland

Switzerland and its cities are consistently ranked as having the one of the highest qualities of life. A country with just 8 million inhabitants, but located in the heart of Europe it offers just about everything that one could want. We’ve collected some videos to life and culture in Switzerland. From questions of wealth and happiness to attitudes, these videos show a wide range of ideas and opinions. Those living in Zurich or planning to move to the Greater Zurich Area will find it useful to learn German, and we can help with that. Contact us today and start your German lessons tomorrow.

Das Geheimnis der Schweiz

Switzerland’s Secret (English)

Switzerland: More than Chocolate and Cheese (Part 1)

Switzerland: More than Chocolate and Cheese (Part 2)


Zurich – the most liveable city

Besuch in Bern

Visiting Bern

Besuch in Basel

Visiting Basel


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