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Why Marathon Gespräche?

On this page we’ll be posting all of our episodes of Marathon Gespräche. The series aims to pick apart the term “Ausländer” and tell the individual stories behind some of the almost 2 million non-Swiss nationals living in Switzerland. Through their stories we hope that fellow expat viewers get insights on how to integrate more quickly into Swiss life. We also hope that our Swiss viewers start to see “Ausländer” not as a group of people, but as individuals that are enriching the country. In each episode you can click the CC for English subtitles.

A huge thanks to Single Cask Studios for all of their hard work in filming and editing.

We need your Support

If you or your company are interested in supporting this project, please contact me at christian (at) marathonsprachen (dot) com
To continue we need both guests and financial support. If you have a unique story that you’d like to tell, we’d love to hear it. If you’d like to financially support this series, let us know and we can discuss how to best work together. We’d also really appreciate you sharing this series with others.

Episode 1: Edvin Ramic macht den ersten Schritt

Edvin kommt aus Slovenien und erzählt über seine Integration in der Schweiz.

Marathon Gespräche Teaser


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