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In order to meet our objective of offering the best possible service to our students we have four different types of language instruction to choose from. Each is designed to meet the needs and desires of different students and can be customized to the students’ needs and desires.

Seven types of Instruction:

Private InstructionLet us be your personal language trainer!

Private instruction affords the student highly personalised language learning and interaction, where they truly dictate what they learn. This allows students to request language learning for special fields of interest and or importance. It also gives them the total attention of the teacher and is an intense and fast way of language learning.

Private courses will be offered either at our location in Höngg or at a location of the student’s request such as office or home.

Students may request special material or topics at any time. When generally improving language skills we use books based on the European Language Reference. We use books from reputable publishers such as Cambridge University for English and/or the Goethe Institute, Duden and Cornelsen for German. These books and materials are specifically designed to train students to write internationally acknowledged exams and to continue their language studies in other places.


starting at 110 CHF/hour

Full Freedom Package 120 CHF/hour

Group CoursesLearning languages together

Semi-Private instruction based on groups of no more than 4 people are an excellent and more cost efficient way for people to learn languages.

This option is optimal for smaller businesses, who wish to offer their employees language instruction. The material in these courses is a little more standardised and people who take them generally have common ambitions and/or needs.

Like with the private instruction, standard learning material is used here, unless otherwise specified by the contracting party.

This type of instruction is often good for team building within a company as a group learns how to better communicate and work together. Upon completion of such courses there is often a social language network left in the company.


starting at 60 CHF per person per hour
Companies and businesses interested in offering their employees language instruction are kindly requested to send us an e-mail for further details regarding the price and course.

Running LimmatFor those on the run

Many business people work full schedules and still want to learn or practise their language skills. This concept allows people to combine their daily jogging program with language practice. An instructor will accompany the student on their jog and practise the language with them.

A run and English conversation might be just what is needed the morning of an important meeting or seminar to gain that extra confidence and find that selling phrase.

These courses are more conversational, but can be tailored to specific topic areas, if the student gives the teacher prior notice. This is an excellent way of multi-tasking physical and mental fitness. Runs can be centred near the students place of residence or through the historic city of Zurich, along the lake or on paths running through the parks.


For just 90 CHF/hour

Before you go home

Working near Lake Zurich and looking to improve your English or German and get some sport in? Join us for a small group (2-5 people) run and conversation class for just 50CHF. Register below: Starts at 5:30 and goes to 6:30pm Monday to Friday. Meeting place – Badi Enge.

couples: Dimitri & MamikoLearning languages together

Learning a second language or bettering one’s abilities in a second language are often seen as a way of investing in oneself and securing a job or working towards advancement within a company. This is often done at a cost to time spent with one’s significant other.

This course aims to provide language instruction to both partners at the same time. This has the benefit of learning something new together and gives both parties the ability to practise outside of instructional time. Furthermore, these courses are aimed at being fun and bringing couples together.

An added feature to this course will be the option of a once monthly cooking and dinner evening whereby students have the opportunity to cook and chat in the target language in a casual and comfortable atmosphere.


starting at 60 CHF/person per hour

MASP5889-EditIntensive Courses

Are you ready to make the next jump in your German? We have two 4-week intensive courses designed to help you speak with more confidence and fluency and understand what’s going on around you.

The Half-Marathon Course:

Designed to build upon your existing German skills this course will help prepare you to write the B1 Goethe Exam (Zertifikat Deutsch) as well as increase your speaking fluency and understanding by expanding your vocabulary and grammatical forms.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8 – 11 OR 13 – 16 each day
Starting Level: End of A2/B1
Max participants: 5
Total number of hours: 36
Price: CHF 1600.00 / person
Private Instruction is also available for CHF 3600.00. Please contact us directly if you would like a private, intensive course.

Courses scheduled to start on the first Monday of every month.

Contact us to reserve your space and experience the benefits of small class sizes or book your space below:

MASP5889-EditCrash Course

Newly arrived in Switzerland and needing to jump start your German? Take out 20 hour Crash Course over one week and see how much you can learn. You’ll start speaking right away and get a strong grammatical basis for further study. Hour students generally can pass the A1 Exam after just the first week.

Monday – Friday: 9 – 13:30

Starting Level: Zero to very little knowledge
Max participants: 5
Total number of hours: 20
Price: CHF 1000.00 / person

Courses scheduled to start every Monday this summer

Here is what one of our Crash Course students had to say after the week:

Thanks to Marathon Sprachen Languages I have learnt so much in such a short time,  the effort my teacher Christian put into this period of time to help me was amazing.  I have many many hours/days of learning to go to get this hard language, But I will only be using Marathon for this learning because of the fact I felt comfortable and that my teacher cared if I was learning.  Thanks again and I will see you again soon.

Contact us to reserve your space and experience the benefits of small class sizes or book your space below.

Private InstructionGet to know Switzerland and its many cantons with us

Moving to Switzerland or transferring employees to the alpine republic often brings with it many personal changes and a feeling of uncertainty about what is coming up. With our intercultural training sessions we give you and all participants a feeling of ease as we present the most information you’ll need for settling into life in Switzerland. From understanding how the Swiss – and even more specifically from a certain canton – think, to knowing basic traditions, norms, and laws, you’ll feel more at home in Switzerland and be able to concentrate on your personal, family, and work life.

Contact us today to get started.


Starting at 250 CHF / session

Your advantages:

  • Courses are tailored to your needs
  • Our experience
  • Flexibility

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