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Wishes, sarcasm, and linguistic imagery in German — More Konjunktiv II

The other week we looked at how to use the German Konjuntiv II form for being polite and expressing unreal conditional clauses. This week I want to look at a few other ways that we can use conditionals. If you

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Speak about the game — Fussball Wortschatz

For Germany fans this past Thursday was not a great day as the Italian team won the match 2-1 in Warsaw, however, Germany and Germany fans went into the match with a great deal of optimism. See this YouTube video

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Indirekte Fragen — Taking the Directness out of German

Many of you may have recently seen a picture circulating around the web recently that graphically represents stereotypes of European languages and cultures. Austrian speak German, as do the Swiss, Liechtensteiners and South Tyrolleans (Südtirol). That said, the way these

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Lesen Sie diesen Blog! — The imperative in German

Many of my students are parents. Why is this important? Because it is one of the few things you can be if you want to correctly use the informal imperative and be not only grammatically, but also contextually correct. The

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vor vs. bevor vs. vorher — yes, there’s a difference!

Last week we looked at the words nach, nachdem and nachher. We learned that these words, while they can be used to convey the same information, have different grammatical functions and word order and event order must be observed. This

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nach vs. nachdem vs. nachher — what’s the difference?

Anyone learning German should also find that both their logic and English are improving as well. The logic because German sentences are constructed more like mathematical equations and one’s English because you’ll become aware of the different uses of English

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5 Ways to negate in German besides using “nicht”

When I communicate with my students over e-mail, assigning extra homework or answering questions that they have between lessons, I generally try to do it in German. The more exposure language learners have to their target language the faster they’ll

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sehen / schauen / gucken / luegen… Seeing in German doesn’t have to be that hard

If you’ve ever taken a language course, you know that good language teachers and trainers try to engage their students and get them to speak. One of the most common questions that teachers ask is “How was your weekend? What

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Running in German — The exception to the rule

Last week I gave you a weekly planner to get fit in German. Today I’m talking about another kind of fitness that was spurred on by yesterday’s run with AnneMarie. It was almost Forrest Gump style running, we didn’t just

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Getting Fit in German — Weekly Planner to Improve your German

Three years ago when we started Marathon Sprachen, we chose the name because we knew that learning a language is very similar to learning to run a marathon. Language learning is not based on learning facts, but learning skills. Like

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You have an opinion so share it… In German.

One of the key things we do with language is express our opinions. Being able to do that in German will help give you the confidence to speak more and through your speaking improve your German. A key place where

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It’s time to sound more like a German — schon/noch

Picture that you’re watching a thriller movie and at a key moment, let’s say one of the female protagonists is alone and a tense string music score starts. You probably know what’s going to happen next. We’ve been conditioned what

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