Terms and Conditions

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Students will be required to book their lessons in minimum blocks of 10 in advance. They will then be responsible for paying for those 10 classes up front. Should payment not be received by the second class Marathon Sprachen may withhold further instruction until payment is received.Paid instructional units are good for up to 10 weeks from initial payment. After the 10 weeks Marathon Sprachen is no longer obliged to honour the units.


Students who cannot attend a class or cancel more than 48 hours before the scheduled class may rebook.

Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled class will count as given instruction and it will be deducted from the booked instruction time.

Should a cancellation arise within 24 hours of a scheduled class do to illness or emergency the class will be cancelled without the loss of a class. Should Marathon Sprachen believe that the use of illness is being taken advantage of Marathon Sprachen may deduct the lesson from the paid instructional units.


Students will be told which book that they are to use. They will then be able to buy the book themselves or we will arrange for the book with a 5% added cost to the student. This price will be added on to the cost of the course.

Students may also wish for us to use a specific book that they already have. In this case, we will pick up a teacher’s copy and student copy of the book, one copy of which will be billed to the student with an added 5%. The book will remain the property of the school.

Payment for Instruction

Students will always be asked to pay for 10 classes in advance. This is done to keep students serious. Payments can be made either in cash or bank transfer. Credit cards are not accepted.

Students will be issued a dated receipt upon each payment.

Letters of Recommendation/Reference

Letters of Recommendation or reference are subject to a 20 CHF fee.


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